Episode 012 - Barrett Ward


FashionABLE and Mocha Club founder Barrett Ward drops by to tell his story. He and Andrew talk about selling books door to door, green-tinted whiskey glasses, and what it looks to use business to make a quantifiable change in the world.

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You can find Barrett's work at:




Episode 011 - Reed Arvin


Reed Arvin was Rich Mullins' producer, as well as a best-selling suspense novelist and a college professor. Andrew got to sit with him and hear stories about working with Rich and what led him to being an author. They also talk about cancer, South American night clubs and growing up describing the world for a mother who's lost her sight. It's a wide-ranging conversation, with some great stories and wonderful insight.

Episode 009 - Andrew Peterson


Old friends Andrew and Andrew sit down for this final episode of Season One. They talk about community, writing books, gigs under trees, Rich Mullins, and life-changing quotes that no one remembers saying.

Before the chat Andrew gives us a little update on Season Two, whether or not he'll be his own guest, and the Rich Mullins tribute show at the Ryman auditorium this past Sunday night.