I resisted doing a campaign like this but so many people reached out and asked me to start one so they could support it. How could I refuse!?

I have a few sponsors, which helps a lot and covers the cost of production, but doesn't allow yet for the margin to grow and build (and pay bills while we make these episodes). I'm not looking at this as any kind of cash cow, but would love for the podcast to be able to support itself and allow us to keep making it and grow.

Funds raised will help us make more episodes, do some marketing and actually tell people about the podcast, and give me time to work on creating other content (a book, live events, resources, etc...) around this idea.

Thanks so much for checking this page out and supporting if you do!! Really glad this been such a gift for folks and it's my hope and prayer it can continue to do so for a good long time. THANKS AGAIN!!